Notizie FilmIman Vellani analizza come i Giovani Vendicatori possano portare...

Iman Vellani analizza come i Giovani Vendicatori possano portare una nuova prospettiva all’eroismo degli Avengers



  • Youthful Perspective: The Young Avengers bring a fresh and unique perspective to the team, drawing from their own experiences and fandom of the original Avengers.
  • Kamala Khan as a Leader: Kamala Khan’s maturity, intelligence, and knowledge of superheroes and teamwork make her an ideal leader for the Young Avengers.
  • Understanding Reality and Humanity: Grounded and aware of the value of human life, the Young Avengers have relationships and mentors that anchor them in the real world.

The Young Avengers Can Learn From The Original Avengers Team

Iman Vellani, star of The Marvels, explains how the Young Avengers can differentiate themselves from the original Avengers team through their new perspective and understanding of the world. The MCU has been setting the stage for the Young Avengers by introducing the next generation of heroes in various films and Disney+ series. The Marvels has finally solidified this by positioning Kamala Khan as the team’s leader and recruiting Kate Bishop.

In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant for The Marvels, Vellani delves into the Young Avengers, highlighting how their experiences in this world will set them apart from the originals. Vellani suggests that their perspective, having lived through the consequences of Avengers battles and idolizing the original team, can bring a fresh dynamic to this new generation of Avengers. She emphasizes Kamala’s natural leadership abilities, explaining that she is not only the cohesive force for the Marvels but also for the younger Avengers, due to her maturity, intelligence, and extensive knowledge of being a superhero and working as a team. Vellani believes that this group will resonate with and relate to younger audiences more, particularly regarding social justice issues and their overall understanding of the world.

The Young Avengers, being immersed in the realities of life, possess a greater understanding and appreciation for humanity and the value of human life compared to the older Avengers. With their personal relationships, school experiences, and influential mentors, they are grounded in reality and offer a unique approach to heroism.

Many potential Young Avengers, including Kamala Khan, Kate Bishop, and Cassie Lang, have directly learned from the heroes they aim to emulate. They not only acquire the necessary skills as Avengers but also understand the sacrifices that come with it. However, each of them follows a different path to becoming a hero, with Kate Bishop training since childhood and Cassie Lang seeking to embody the best qualities of her father and Hope van Dyne. Kamala Khan has been mentored not only by Captain Marvel but also by Nick Fury and Monica Rambeau.

The Young Avengers grew up in a world constantly under attack from major threats, experiencing firsthand the reasons behind the necessity of the Avengers and the resulting traumas from both their successes and failures. Unlike the original team, which was formed out of urgency and grief, the Young Avengers are a group of heroes who have actively chosen to step up and protect the world in their own way.

As the leader of the Young Avengers, Kamala Khan sets a different tone for the team. She passionately supports each hero as well as the group as a whole, understanding the importance of teamwork and communication. Her love for the Avengers, her desire to help people, and her firsthand experience with the Marvels make her an ideal leader. Unlike the original Avengers, who often faced internal conflicts leading to their separation when the world needed them the most, the Young Avengers can learn from these mistakes and bring their own unique understanding of the world, making them stand out in their approach to heroism.

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