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Whiskey di cocco / Coconut Whiskey
Paolo Herras

Coconut Whiskey tells the story of Maria, a lovelorn lambanog vendor, who casts love spells on her coconut wine, making the drinker remember his great love. College boy Mark revisits his provincial hometown and bumps into Maria; captivated by her beauty and the mystery of her magic, Mark buys a bottle. That night, Mark serves the lambanog to his playboy best friend Eric, and Eric’s girlfriend, Hasmin, a karaoke singer. In every shot, a love story is remembered. Later, they are joined by the demure gay landlord Rico with another bottle from Maria. As the alcohol level gets high, Maria’s call for love becomes a curse as secrets are exposed and the truth of their sordid interwoven lives are revealed. The film embodies the different mindsets and levels of love as it targets middle class teenagers to young urban professionals. But if love is an intoxication, it is also felt by the senses.

Sceneggiatura / Screenplay Paolo Herras
Fotografia (colore) / Photography (colour) Tamara Benitez & Katrina Holigores
Montaggio / Editing Dempster Samarista
Musica / Music Isha
Interpreti / Cast Danica Sotto, Luis Alandy, John Lapus, Lauren Novero, CJ
Produzione / Production Alessandro Productions
Anno di produzione / Year of production 2006
Durata / Running time 72’
Formato / Format Digital Color

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Paolo Herras

Paolo Herras is 26 years old, he is currently taking his masters in Philippine Studies, Major in Film at the University of the Philippines. He is graduated of BA Comparative Literature and participated in prestigious national writing workshops such as the 33rd U.P. National Writer’s Workshop and the 11th Ricky Lee Scriptwriting Workshop for film and television. His first full-length script, P1.00/MIN (One Peso Per Minute) won the 3rd Prize of Star Cinema’s 1st Scriptwriting Contest. He has written and directed two films: Lambanog (Coconut Whiskey, 2006) and Rekados (Special Ingredients, 2006) which was the only Philippine Entry to the 20th Tokyo International Film Festival. He is currently developing his third film, The Fortuneteller, this project is supported by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.



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